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D53A/B High Pressure Drainage Pumps


• Able to pump clean water of neutral pH (i.e. rainwater)
• Designed for pumping clean rainwater and activated by an automatic float
• D53A/B model offers extra pressure for pumping up to a second storey
• D42A/B, D42A/B20, D53A/B and D53A/B20 can be converted to automatic water
pressure systems by adding a TT45/S ‘Plug & Play’ Torrium2

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Introducing the Davey D53A/B High Pressure Drainage Pump – Your Ultimate Partner in Commanding Water Power!

Are you ready to embrace water handling like never before? The Davey D53A/B High Pressure Drainage Pump is here to empower you with unprecedented water-moving capabilities. Crafted to stand at the forefront of high-pressure efficiency, this pump is more than a tool – it’s a testament to reliability, performance, and durability that you can trust.

Experience the Power:

  1. Unleash High-Pressure Dominance: When water needs to be moved with precision and power, the D53A/B Pump takes center stage. Its commanding ability to handle demanding water movement tasks is unmatched, ensuring every drop reaches its destination, overcoming uphill gradients and long distances with ease.
  2. Precision Redefined: Witness the art of engineering and design coming together. The D53A/B Pump is your vehicle to precision water handling, delivering accuracy and control that’s crucial for tasks demanding perfection.
  3. Industrial Marvel: From irrigating vast agricultural fields to orchestrating commercial-scale water transfer, this pump delivers staggering flow rates and head heights. Its industrial-grade prowess guarantees efficient task completion, regardless of scale.
  4. Engineered for the Long Haul: The D53A/B Pump is not just built – it’s crafted for endurance. Made from rugged materials, its corrosion-resistant components and robust structure ensure a lifetime of service, minimizing downtime and maintenance headaches.
  5. Your Time Matters: Seamless installation and intuitive maintenance are your allies with the D53A/B Pump. Spend more time accomplishing and less time adjusting, thanks to its user-centric design.
  6. Relentless Motor Power: A robust motor forms the core of this pump’s unwavering performance. Your water management tasks will never falter, even during extended use, thanks to its consistent power delivery.
  7. Energy Efficiency Meets Excellence: Despite its might, the D53A/B Pump adheres to energy-efficient principles. Its intelligent motor design saves energy and slashes costs without compromising on performance.
  8. Whisper of Operation: Noise disruption becomes a thing of the past. The D53A/B Pump operates with minimal noise, fitting harmoniously into environments where quiet operation is paramount.

Elevate your water management prowess with the Davey D53A/B High Pressure Drainage Pump. From ambitious agricultural endeavors to substantial water transfer operations, this pump redefines high-pressure mastery, endurance, and precision. Equip yourself with the game-changing capabilities of the D53A/B Pump and step into a world where water power is yours to command. Invest today in the Davey D53A/B High Pressure Drainage Pump and take absolute control of your high-pressure water handling needs with unshakable confidence. It’s time to redefine your relationship with water.




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