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D53A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pumps


• Able to pump clean water of neutral pH (i.e. rainwater)
• Designed for pumping clean rainwater and activated by an automatic float
• D53A/B model offers extra pressure for pumping up to a second storey
• D42A/B, D42A/B20, D53A/B and D53A/B20 can be converted to automatic water
pressure systems by adding a TT45/S ‘Plug & Play’ Torrium2


Davey D53A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pump – Your Ultimate Solution for High-Pressure Water Movement!

Unleash the power and precision of the Davey D53A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pump, a technological marvel engineered to conquer high-pressure water handling tasks with unparalleled efficiency. Designed for demanding industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications, this pump stands as a beacon of reliability, performance, and durability.

Key Features:

  1. High-Pressure Dominance: The Davey D53A/B20 Pump is a high-pressure specialist, equipped to handle even the most challenging water movement tasks. With exceptional pressure capabilities, this pump ensures water is directed precisely where it’s needed, even across long distances and uphill gradients.
  2. Precision Engineering: Experience the synergy of advanced engineering and cutting-edge design. The D53A/B20 Pump is meticulously crafted for precision water handling, making it ideal for applications that demand pinpoint accuracy and control.
  3. Industrial Powerhouse: From agricultural irrigation and sprinkler systems to large-scale water transfer in commercial settings, this pump delivers remarkable flow rates and head heights. Its industrial-grade performance ensures the job gets done efficiently and effectively.
  4. Built for the Toughest Environments: Crafted from rugged materials, the D53A/B20 Pump is designed to thrive in demanding environments. Its corrosion-resistant components and sturdy construction ensure longevity, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.
  5. Intuitive Installation and Maintenance: The D53A/B20 Pump’s user-centric design offers seamless installation and streamlined maintenance procedures. Spend less time on setup and upkeep, and more time experiencing its high-pressure excellence.
  6. Unwavering Motor: Equipped with a robust motor, this pump delivers consistent and dependable performance. Its unwavering power ensures reliable operation, critical for tasks that require continuous water movement.
  7. Efficient Energy Utilization: Despite its potent capabilities, the D53A/B20 Pump boasts energy-efficient design principles. Its intelligent motor design optimizes energy consumption, leading to significant cost savings over time.
  8. Minimal Noise Disturbance: The D53A/B20 Pump operates with minimal noise, providing quiet operation even at high-pressure levels. This characteristic is essential for environments where noise pollution is a concern.

Elevate your high-pressure water management capabilities with the Davey D53A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pump. From industrial irrigation systems to large-scale water transfer operations, this pump redefines high-pressure efficiency, durability, and precision. Equip yourself with the unmatched capabilities of the D53A/B20 Pump and experience water movement excellence like never before. Invest today in the Davey D53A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pump and take firm control of your high-pressure water handling needs with confidence.




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