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About Us

Auckland Pumps and Filtration Ltd. is embracing innovation to revolutionise water solutions.

In the bustling city of Auckland, New Zealand, a company was born in 2018 with a vision to redefine the way water treatment and filtration services were delivered. Meet Auckland Pumps and Filtration Ltd., a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation that has quickly become a beacon of excellence in the industry, all from the perspective of the ever-discerning consumer.

Founded by visionary directors who grew tired of outdated systems and traditional approaches in their respective industries, Auckland Pumps and Filtration embarked on a journey of innovation. The goal was to usher in a new era where technology, fresh ideas, and cutting-edge solutions would be harnessed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals alike.

Unrivalled Services for Every Need

At the heart of their offerings lies an impressive array of services tailored to meet the demands of both commercial and residential customers. For those seeking pristine water solutions, Auckland Pumps and Filtration provides comprehensive water filtration and water treatment services. From initial design and supply to seamless installation, diligent maintenance, and responsive servicing, customers are assured of water that is safe, clean, and in harmony with the environment.

As a testament to their commitment to serving various sectors, the company extends its expertise to agricultural, horticultural, and farming clients. Through efficient irrigation and water supply services, they facilitate sustainable growth and productivity for those who cultivate the land.

Innovating for a Greener Tomorrow

Auckland Pumps and Filtration doesn’t stop at conventional water solutions; they actively advocate for environmental conservation. Their expertise in residential rainwater harvesting empowers homeowners to capture and utilise nature’s gift, reducing the strain on natural resources and cutting water bills in the process.

Reliability in Every Drop

Water is life, and the company understands the significance of a consistent water supply. To address this need, they offer a comprehensive range of bore pumps that ensure a reliable and steady flow of water, even in the most challenging locations. Whether it’s installation, design, servicing, or repairs, Auckland Pumps and Filtration excels in every aspect.

Excellence in Fabrication

Not content with revolutionising water solutions alone, Auckland Pumps and Filtration brings its expertise to all commercial industries with their stainless steel fabrication services. Meticulously crafted and installed, these solutions stand the test of time and support businesses in achieving their goals with efficiency and durability.

Beyond the Basics

The dedication to excellence doesn’t end with installation. Auckland Pumps and Filtration offers comprehensive water treatment maintenance, compliance, and calibration services. This ensures that systems continue to function optimally, adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Pioneering the Future

Through consistent dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative problem-solving, Auckland Pumps and Filtration envisions becoming a leading authority in water treatment, supply, design, and filtration services. Their commitment to embracing new technologies and ideas has set them on a trajectory towards redefining industry norms and leaving a lasting impact on the community they serve.

In the eyes of the consumer, Auckland Pumps and Filtration Ltd. is more than a company; it is a reliable partner, providing ingenious solutions for every water-related need. With a future-oriented mindset, they ensure that businesses and individuals thrive, and the environment benefits from their sustainable practices. As the years go by, one thing is certain: Auckland Pumps and Filtration will continue to be the trailblazers that transform the way we think about water.

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