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D42A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pumps


• Able to pump clean water of neutral pH (i.e. rainwater)
• Designed for pumping clean rainwater and activated by an automatic float
• D53A/B model offers extra pressure for pumping up to a second storey
• D42A/B, D42A/B20, D53A/B and D53A/B20 can be converted to automatic water
pressure systems by adding a TT45/S ‘Plug & Play’ Torrium2

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Introducing the Davey D42A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pumps – Your Ultimate Solution for Precision High-Pressure Water Handling!

Embark on a journey of unmatched power and precision with the Davey D42A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pumps, engineered to master high-pressure water handling tasks with exceptional efficiency. Designed for rigorous industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications, this pump stands as a beacon of reliability, performance, and durability.

Key Features:

  1. High-Pressure Command: The Davey D42A/B20 Pump redefines high-pressure dominance. With a commanding ability to handle even the most challenging water movement tasks, this pump ensures water reaches its destination with precision. Whether it’s over long distances or uphill gradients, the D42A/B20 Pump delivers unfaltering high-pressure performance.
  2. Precision Engineering Excellence: Witness the seamless fusion of advanced engineering and cutting-edge design. The D42A/B20 Pump is a pinnacle of precision water handling, making it the ideal choice for applications that demand exacting accuracy and meticulous control.
  3. Industrial Dynamo: From agricultural irrigation and large-scale sprinkler systems to water transfer in commercial settings, this pump unleashes impressive flow rates and head heights. Its industrial-grade performance guarantees swift and efficient completion of tasks, regardless of scale.
  4. Built to Endure: Constructed from rugged materials, the D42A/B20 Pump is purpose-built to excel in challenging environments. Its corrosion-resistant components and robust structure ensure extended service life, minimizing downtime and maintenance demands.
  5. User-Centric Installation and Maintenance: The D42A/B20 Pump’s design prioritizes user convenience with streamlined installation and intuitive maintenance procedures. Spend less time on setup and upkeep, and more time benefiting from its high-pressure excellence.
  6. Uncompromising Motor Power: Equipped with a robust motor, this pump stands as a paragon of consistent and unwavering performance. Its relentless power guarantees reliable operation, crucial for tasks requiring unceasing water movement.
  7. Sustainable Energy Utilization: Despite its formidable capabilities, the D42A/B20 Pump adheres to energy-efficient design principles. Its intelligent motor design optimizes energy consumption, leading to substantial cost savings over the long term.
  8. Subdued Noise Emission: The D42A/B20 Pump operates with minimal noise, ensuring quiet functionality even when operating under high-pressure conditions. This characteristic is pivotal for environments where noise control is paramount.

Elevate your high-pressure water management prowess with the Davey D42A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pumps. From industrial irrigation networks to extensive water transfer operations, this pump redefines high-pressure efficiency, longevity, and precision. Equip yourself with the unparalleled capabilities of the D42A/B20 Pump and embark on a journey of water movement excellence like never before. Invest today in the Davey D42A/B20 High Pressure Drainage Pumps and take absolute control of your high-pressure water handling requirements with unwavering confidence.




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