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DCS40M Double Case Pumps


• DC10 models are able to pump clean water of neutral pH containing
up to 10% of small soft organic solids (<10mm OD)
• DCS40 models and above are able to pump sewage or ‘grey water’ of
neutral pH containing up to 10% of small soft organic solids (<10mm OD)
• Suitable for fish ponds or aquaculture applications
• “A” models include auto float switch

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Introducing the Davey DCS40M Double Case Pump – Elevate Your Water Handling to Perfection!

Are you ready to redefine your water management experience? The Davey DCS40M Double Case Pump is your gateway to unparalleled control over water movement. It’s not just a pump; it’s a transformative tool designed to empower you with efficiency, reliability, and adaptability that sets a new standard in water handling.

Experience Water Movement Excellence:

  1. Unleash Commanding Power: The Davey DCS40M Pump is not just about water movement; it’s about authority over water. With remarkable power, it ensures water is directed with precision, conquering challenges effortlessly and elevating your water management endeavors.
  2. Craftsmanship Perfected: The DCS40M Pump is the epitome of precision engineering and innovative design. It’s not just about moving water; it’s about orchestrating it with unparalleled accuracy, making it your ultimate solution for tasks that demand exacting control.
  3. Unrivaled Performance: From residential water transfer to agricultural irrigation, this pump delivers exceptional flow rates. Its versatile design ensures water movement tasks are accomplished swiftly and effectively, no matter the application.
  4. Built to Last: Crafted from robust materials, the DCS40M Pump is built to endure. Its double case design and corrosion-resistant components guarantee a long service life, ensuring it stands resilient against the elements.
  5. Effortless Setup and Management: Installation is a breeze with the DCS40M Pump. Designed for user-friendliness, it simplifies setup and maintenance, allowing you to focus on achieving water movement perfection without the hassle.
  6. Reliability Unmatched: Powered by a robust motor, this pump offers unwavering performance. Dependability is key, especially for tasks requiring continuous water movement – and this pump ensures you can rely on it without question.
  7. Efficiency Redefined: Despite its impressive power, the DCS40M Pump adheres to energy-efficient principles. Its intelligent motor design optimizes energy consumption, leading to substantial cost savings without compromising performance.
  8. Whisper-Quiet Operation: Noise concerns fade away with the DCS40M Pump. It operates quietly, making it a fitting choice for environments where noise control is paramount.

Elevate your water handling prowess with the Davey DCS40M Double Case Pump. From residential water transfer to demanding agricultural applications, this pump redefines efficiency, longevity, and precision. Equip yourself with the extraordinary capabilities of the DCS40M Pump and embark on a journey where water movement is an art you master. Invest today in the Davey DCS40M Double Case Pump and seize complete control over your water handling needs with unwavering confidence. It’s time to revolutionize your relationship with water.




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